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How Long it takes to install "Opportunity scoring"

It will take around 30 minutes to install.

What are pre-requisite

You need to have CRM instance and you need to have Azure subscription.

You can sign up for trial Dynamics CRM instance and Azure trial if you do not have CRM or Azure subscription.

What Azure services /Cortana Intelligence suite services get created

  1. Azure storage
  2. Azure Machine Learning work space (part of Cortana Intelligence suite)
  3. Web Service on Machine Learning model
  4. End point on Machine Learning model
  5. Webjobs for retraining, scoring pipeline
  6. Dynamics CRM form with new fields. 


How much it will cost

There is no extra charge to use "opportunity scoring". You will be charged based on Azure usage.

Your Azure subscription will be charged based on usage.

If you simply use it for trail - download zip and test it with sample data included - cost will be less than 1$ a day.

How do I find a AML workspace in Azure subscription 

 As soon as AML workspace is created, you will receive an email.

Storage account,AML workspace etc will have a new similar to CRM instance.


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