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Key Features

A). Easy Installation

  • Simple Installation steps requiring minimal inputs from business user.
  • Detailed logs & rescource file provided to user for reference
  • In built error checking - ensuring wrong inputs (passwords, logins, email ids, etc) are not entered by user

B). Automated Production Process

  • Installs webjobs to run Scoring & Training Applications in user's (organization's) own choice of Azure Subscription & Region

C) Intelligent Model Updates

  • Retraining pipeline application (currently scheduled at a frequency once in 3 months) creates new models with refreshed data
  • Performance metrics of models thus automatically retrained over time compared with metrics of existing model in production
  • New models replace old model automatically if the performance has improved.

D). Security

  • CRM Data is stored in Azure storage blobs in your Azure Subscription for model training and scoring.
  • Customer data not stored in logs or monitoring files
  • CRM Access credentials are stored in Key Vault within the User's/Organization's Azure Subscription (thus protected from anyone else, including Microsoft)

E). Logging, Alerting & Monitoring

  • Detailed Log of each production run (both scoring & training) stored in user's (organization's) Azure storage account
  • Email Alerts triggered if any error is encountered or any deviation (+/- 25% over last 10 runs) is noticed for production parameters (time taken at each stage, # of records fetched from CRM, proportion of scores in various score bands w.r.t. development distribution)
  • Monitoring- Summary of process runs over time via Power BI dashboards

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