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  • Download zip file
  • Extract content
  • Double click on exe - CRMInstaller.exe

 It will start installation wizard.


See video for "opportunity scoring for Dynamics CRM installation"


Installation wizard will ask you to

  • Accept license agreement
  • Enter CRM credentials
  • Enter Azure subscription credentials



Double click on CRMInstaller.exe


 Opportunity scoring installer



 Click on Create New Model

It will open up a user agreement screen

Opportunity scoring EULA

Read the agreement.  Click on "I agree to the terms of this agreement"

Tenant Detail screen opens.

Enter details of CRM tenants, user id and password 

    If you do not have CRM tenant, you can sign up for CRM trial tenant



A browser window will open and ask for used id for Azure subscription.

Enter user id on which you have Azure subscription.

System will retrieve Azure subscription for user id.



A dialog box will open and ask your user id for Azure subscription. 

Enter user id, password.

Next screen will display Azure subscription.

If you have multiple subscriptions, multiple subscription will be shown.

Select subscription in which you wish to create machine learning model


 Geo Location will get populated.

Select Region in which you want to create model. Click Next



Select Azure subscription in which you want to create opportunity scoring model.

Select region in which you want to create model.

Click Next.

Run Mode screen is displayed. It has default selection "Web job".

Local mode is disabled. If you need to create job on local machine, contact Microsoft team.

Click Next.


 Next screen ask for email information. This is optional. You can provide email details if you wish to receive notification from Azure subscriptions about pipeline run.

Click Next



Note: Your email is used by your Azure subscription.   It is not shared with anyone.

 Installer will start provisioning Azure services.

 It will first create Azure storage


Then it will create resource group


It will take between 10-20 minutes to set up all resources.

Installer will create Azure ML work space.  You will receive an email from "Microsoft Azure Machine Learning" confirming that you have created Azure ML workspace.

Installer will copy machine learning experiment(s) in work space.  There are 3 experiments

  • Predictive
  • Training
  • Ablation


It will give you link to work space to.  Go to Azure ML work space by clicking on link or directly logging to Azure ML.

 You will see 3 experiment copied to your ML work space.


 You will get a message that opportunity score solution is set up for you.





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