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Project Description

Opportunity Scoring for Dynamics CRM is a template architecture and predictive service addition to Dynamics that computes a probability of success for each sales opportunity in the sales pipeline.

Opportunity Scoring uses a machine learning model trained on past sales data to predict the eventual probability that the sale will be won. Training and prediction are implemented with Azure Storage and Azure Machine Learning, orchestrated by Azure Scheduler, and executed within an Azure Web Job.

1. The download provides an advanced solution reference architecture that a IT developer can customize to build customized end-to-end solutions.

2. The documentation has step-by-step instructions to guide you through the installation.

3. Once installed you will see three Machine learning models, plus web services, endpoints, and retraining and scoring web jobs in your Azure ML subscription.

4. You will also see customizations applied to your Dynamics CRM instance to allow users to refresh their scores, view explanations why the opportunity got its score and view the history of previous scorings of opportunities.

The solution will configure a connection between Dynamics CRM and your Azure subscription's services. Once set up, the solution will copy your CRM online opportunity data into your Azure subscription, score your opportunities, and present the resulting score and reason codes for each opportunity back into Dynamics CRM in new entities created during installation.

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